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Well last of some of the rarest of info on Divya ........ we always talk about Divya's movies and concerts.....but what about adverts ? you guys would we glad to know that Divya was brand ambassador of Emami naturally fair. Actually she was the first one to endorse it ......when she ultimately died they handed it over to Manisha Koirala .

Well from where i got this info ? its very funny. I have habit of preserving annual reports of companies that are published every quarterly results.In that folder i ACCIDENTALLY SEARCHED FOR DIVYA and whola ! twas in my PC ...............and now i am knowing it ....sadly there are no vids / photos from actual ad, all is this credit in  their 2004 annual report . so hiring it.p the the Divya's poster since people came to see it and ended up buying his stuff.

After Death Concert

Divya holds the all time record for being the actress with most number of releases in her debut year, she had nine releases. A feat which no other actress from Devika Rani to Deepika Padukone has managed. Fate has sadly abbreviated a career that was reaching for other bigger records. She brought warmth and dazzle to jaded extravaganzas like Vishwatma and her one-two punch Deewana and Shola Aur Shabnam settled her in the big league. Intermittently brilliant in films like Deewana and Dil Aashna Hai, Divya was a light that burnt twice as bright. She had to last half as long.

In 1990s, Divya continues to be a hot favourite. Her shows in abroad once drew large crowd which was understandable. But incomprehensible is the fact that she was still draw crowds at show abroad in 1994-95! Before departing on a stage show in States, Aly Morani took along a large photograph of Divya's that'd Borrowed from her mother. He used it to start the show with a tribute. The crowd reaction was so sensational that they took the picture along with them to Dubai and Salman Khan and Pooja Bhatt did Aisi Deewangi..in her memory. And the crowds went wild. At least two new girls in Telugu Films made a career out of doing a Divya. One of them girl Rambha was created such a sensation by merely resembling Divya that she did many Bollywood Films. Many actresses in early part of their career compared to Divya Bharati, which included Rani Mukerji, Preity Zinta, Celina Jaitley,Hansika Motwani. Even Kajol's spontaneity and vivacity compared to Divya.

Strange but true, Divya was still very popular with public, one year after her death. Divya posters was selling in twelve hundred rupees when one could buy any other top star poster with only fifty rupees. In showtime Feb, 1994 issues, one shop seller quotes "his sales had increased dramatically after he put up the the Divya's poster since people came to see it and ended up buying his stuff.