Even today the death about Divya Bharti has been in controversy. Was her death was an accident, suicide or an act of murder. Did she commit suicide? Was it an accident? Or was she really pushed out of her balcony? Conspiracy theories continue to persist about her death even after more than two decades.

According to the official documents associated to her case, there were three people were with her at the time of the incident, her dress designer Neeta Lulla, her husband Dr Shyam (a psychiatrist) and her maid Amrita. It also shows that her maid was very attached to her because she had been taking care of Divya since her birth. Amrita went into acute depression after the incident and stopped interacting with people. Police records mentions that Amrita suffered a massive heart attack soon after and succumbed to it. She died within a month of Divya Bharti's demise and so much of the information buried out with her death. Apart from then, her husband Sajid Nadiadwala, her mother Meeta Bharti and her brother Kunal were also questioned by the police however they were absent during the time of the incident.

The Officials who led the investigation in Divya Bharti's Death were Inspector J G Jadhav of Versova Police station (the investigating officer of the case) and the Chief Medical Officer of Cooper Hospital, Dr Tripathy (who signed the death certificate) had some first-hand account of what might have happened to Divya Bharti that night but the lack of evidences to verify the reason and cause of the incident led to closure of the case in 1998.

Regardless, we have tried to collect the information from the people and draw some conclusions of what actually might have happened to Divya Bharti the following night.

The Fateful Night
Date: April 5, 1993,
Place: 5th floor, Tulsi Apartments, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai
Time: 9:00 pm

Divya had returned from Chennai after a shoot and on the same following night, She was supposed to fly to Hyderabad for another shoot but she postponed her travel because she wanted to make settlement with her new apartment. That day, Divya was injured so had a bandage on her left foot and had informed her producers, she won't be available for the shoot. She had informed everybody she would be going to Hyderabad the very next day.

Earlier, that day Divya had been to Neptune Apartments in Bandra West with a broker and had finalized a large flat that she was considering to buy. Getting a good flat in Mumbai wasn't easy even at that times, so, Divya was priviledged that day and was constantly describing her brother Kunal ‘nice four-bedroom apartment’ whom she adored so much. Kunal left early that evening after the conversation.

Divya then, got a phone call and was informed Neeta Lulla and her husband who were coming down to see her at the Versova flat. Her temporary apartment at Versova was registed to someone else, Sajid and Divya had just rented it out. We still do not have account on who actually possessed the building. Divya was also entitled for a long outdoor schedule to Mauritius to shoot for Sajid's film Andolan. Neeta was supposed to make the costumes for the film and after the schedule, Divya was supposed to move into her new apartment. So, everything was happening just as planned and naturally, Divya seemed to be very excited that night.

Neeta and Dr Shyam Lulla arrived around 10 pm and all of them sat down and talked in the living room. The television was on and Divya had two alcohol bottles (Mauritian sugarcane wine and Black Label whisky) on the table. The whisky bottle had been opened, while the wine bottle was intact.

Her maid Amrita was in the living room and Divya was talking to her. Amrita soon left for the kitchen to fry munchies. While the conversation was still on between the two, Divya walked towards the window while still talking to her maid loudly who was in the kitchen now. At that time Neeta and her husband were watching 'something interesting' on the VCR and hence, were not the part in the conversation that was going on in between Divya and Amrita.

The Last Moments Of Divya Bharti
In the Versova flat where Divya had been living, the living room didn't have any balcony instead had an open window and didn't have any frame of metal bar on in. Though all the other windows in the building seemed to have frame to stop people getting through it. There was a car parking slot just right below the window but that day there were no cars parked on that place.

In the meantime, nobody had actually noticed that Divya had climbed out of the window and landed on the narrow ledge below it which was merely 12 inches wide. She landed on the ledge with her back towards the living room then she tried to turn around to get the hold on the window frame. It was that unfortunate moment while she tried turning around on the ledge extending her hand to hold the window frame she lost her balance and she slipped.

When Divya landed on the ground, the neighbours nearby heard a  huge thud. Divya had landed on her back on the concrete ground and she has severe injuries with her head. Everything happened in the matter of a few minutes. When people heard the sound, everyone came running to her place. She was lying in pool of blood... she was still somehow concious and seemed as she was trying to speak something.

She was then carried to the hospital. She was alive on her way, but her pulse rate had started to falling rapidly. She died at the emergency department of Cooper Hospital. The doctors proclaimed her immediate cause of death was heavy internal bleeding due to the injury at the back of her head. Her skull had several fractures.

This brought a tragic end to life of Divya Bharti... a star that had so much of potential, the star that had formidable future and the star that would have certainly made her place in the bollywood and remain a legend just as many other stars did...

But for Divya... it was a misfortune!!