The Final Evidence in The Divya Bharti Case !

Whether as the investigative officer in charge of the Divya Bharti case or as the authority figure who commandeered the raid in the Aloha pub, and incurred the ire of several filmwalks, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr. Arup Patnaik has become very much the (police) man of the moment.

Madhu meets Mr. Patnaik to tie up all the loose ends and to get him answer all the queries left unanswered by these two events which shook the filmdom.

To begin with I ask the police officer about Divya's alleged leap to death. When we met Mr. Patnaik soon after Divya's unfortunate demise, he'd told us that the case was still under investigation. The post-mortem report and the coroner's report were not as yet available then. No conclusive evidence pointing in any direction had been found.

Now DCP Patnail conclusively declares that, "There is no indication of foul play in Divya Bharti's death."In response to my query about the post-mortem report he calls on inspector Jadav who reads out the report for me: "The final cause of death," the report says, "was shock and haemmorhage to the vital organs. but the deceased person was under the influence of alcohol and diazepam of large quantities."

When Dr. Subhash M. Vani MMBS, GP, who explained Diazepam as "a tranquilizer which is only available with a prescription. The normal dosage is one tablet before bedtime. large quantities are totally undesirable, medically. Four to five pills together may be lethal for some of 10-12 for another. When mixed with alcohol, the lethal effect of the drug triples. It is also habit forming and addicitive if taken without the guidance of a doctor.")

So, in the haze of alcohol and diazepam, poor Divya could hardly be in control of her emotions of her actions.

ONe positive outcome of the visit was that Divya's husband Sajid Nadiadwala is now exonerated. Every once in a while, some newspaper crops up with the headline that Sajid is still under investigation for some alleged links between Divya and the Bombay blasts. But Mr. Patnaik reasserts, "Absolutely not. There is no connection to my knowledge. What happened here is a very unfortunate incident. Now we've closed the case."

Madhumati Patel