Divya Bharti Accident, Suicide or Murder !

Inspite of the fact that there were two eyewitnesses (Neeta Lulla and her husband) present when destiny played the cruelest of games with Divya Bharti, quite surprisingly, nobody has been able to establish whether her death was merely an accident, a suicide or worse still, a murder. Neeta's statement to the police has raised a lot of eyebrows though.

According to the dress designer, she was not sure if Divya had jumped down on purpose or she had just tripped accidently. Simply it is ridiculous, "How could she not see when she was in the same room?" asks one of Divya's producers angrily."I think the police should interrogate Neeta and her husband property. They are definitely hiding something," he insists.

Even the police haven't been able to establish anything as yet. On one hand, the Assistant Commissioner of Police Arup Patnaik doesn't rule out any possibilities, "It could be a case of accident, suicide or murder. We're still investigating, "he says. And on the other hand, the commissioner of Police, A.S Samra insists that it was an accident. "however, the police is still following the murder theory." he reveals. To top it all, while the hospital records the death as 'suicidal', the D.N. Nagar police station, where the case has been registered, the report is filed as 'accidental'.

But all those who knew Divya simply rule out any possibility of murder."Why would anyone want to do that to her? she was such a lively person." Right now, every single person is having his or her own explanation to give, reveals a very close friend of Divya's, "Divya was very depressed that day. That's why she had cancelled her outdoor schedule to Hyderabad. In fact, that evening itself she has gone shopping to buy some stuff for the new house she was buying for herself and Sajid. After that, she went to a friend's party. She came home quite high in spirits and that's when she and Sajid had a major fight. At that time, Sajid was leaving his house to meet some distributor in the nearby Lokhandwala area, an angry Divya screamed at him. 'You come back in ten minutes or you won't see me,'she threatened. But Sajid didn't give importance to her warning. He left. And within minutes after that, she was on the parapet. Neeta Lulla who was there was petrified. she asked Divya to come inside. But Divya with already a few pegs down, refused. Neeta went upto her to ger her back. In order to escape from Neeta's clutches, Divya jumped down or fell off. But now I don't know why Neeta is not disclosing all this,"the friend explained.

Another friend of Divya's who resides in the same building hadd an altogether different story to tell. "Sajid and she had had a terrible fight that night. He was very upset with her about something and he was screaming at her for that. Divya who was already a few pegs down didn't know what to do. That's when she popped in some sleeping pills. sajid was in a real panic. He immediately called up Dr. Shyam Lulla Divya's psychiatrist who had been treating her for quite a few months now.

Dr. Shyam alongside his Designer wife Neeta came over to the house by around eleven p.m. Sajid and Divya were still fighting. from what I've heard, the Lullas apparently asked sajid and Kunal(Divya's brother who was also present) to leave the house since they wanted to calm Divya down. The maid was also asked to remain in the kitchen. Divya who had bee driking all along came to the kitchen for a refill. And that was the last time the maid saw her alive. Divya went into the hall and the tragedy followed.

Rumours also said that Divya and sajid were having a lot of problems even otherwise, on the marriage front. Some say it was due to Sajid's links with the underworld that Divya couldn't stand. Others insists that divya was too tired trying to hide her marriage and that was the main reason that was creating friction between her and her mother. She couldn't take it anymore. a few also swear that it was because of divya's recent association with producer Vicky and hero Kamal Sadanah that sajij was most upset about. But these are all theories. Nobody can pin-point what the exact problem was since despite all their problems, the couple was still so much in love with each other.

Whatever the reasons may be , the fact remains that divya Bharti is no longer with us. Accident, suicide or Murder someday we might find out or not.

We only have her fond memories to cherish forever.