What People Still Say......
................. and Remember About Divya Bharti..... !!

-Whenever I bought her a new dress or toy, she’d insist that I get them for her cousins, my brother’s girls. She’d address her younger brother Kunal (Bharti) as bhaiyya

-Even after 20 years, people ask me, ‘What exactly happened that night? Was it an accident or murder? For them it’s curiosity but it takes me back 20 years. I sink into a depression once again. I tell them, ‘I know as much as you do. The rest only Divya and God know’

-People worship the rising sun but you’ve cared to remember an extinguished lamp

-They must have had normal tiffs. Sajid and Divya were only together for eight months. Where did they have the time to enjoy life?

-I knew she was married. Youth is like behta paani (flowing water). I’d never have been able to stop her. I supported her so that she’d continue confiding in me and wouldn’t head in another direction

-One day she scratched Shah Rukh Khan on the sets of Dil Aashna Hai. His secretary called up to say that Shah Rukh wouldn’t work with her. But later, Shah Rukh said, ‘I said this just to scare her. She’s a bachhi (child)’.

-She’d talk in her inimitable style, ‘Chalna yaar, jane de na yaar… hansti rehti thi (she was friendly to all and laughed a lot)’.

-While Ayesha Jhulka and Pooja Bhatt came in with her, she reached the top league of Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit. While she resembled Sridevi, she never copied her. After pack-up she’d happily slip in T-shirt and jeans. She didn’t care for glamour.

-Divya, who was by now quite disinterested in films, kept dozing through the story session. Rama Naidu asked us if we could leave with him for Hyderabad that evening. Divya agreed just for a lark

-They had a tiff and suddenly we got to know that they’d signed Juhi Chawla.

-When she was in the ninth standard she was approached by Kirti Kumar (Govinda’s producer brother) for Radha Ka Sangam. She stopped going to school as she had to learn dance, acting and classical singing.

-She wasn’t fond of studying. Out of 10 subjects, she’d fail in nine. Once she told me, ‘Please read out my lessons’. I began reading only to find that she was standing in front of the mirror and mimicking Sridevi’s Ta thaiya ta thaiya ho (Himmatwala)!

-She was a lovely child. Once, I made Divya sit in the front seat of my car, while I was putting things in the dickey. On spotting her, a man asked, ‘Where did you get this doll?’ I said she’s not a doll. He even opened the car door to check.

-Sajid’s mother is a loving and chatpati (lively) personality. Divya loved her very much. On Saba’s birthday she’d put cake all over her face and lick it.
-Wardha respects Divya a lot. She calls me ‘Mummy’ and Omji ‘Daddy’. She decorated Kunal’s room for his wedding, just as Divya would have. When our granddaughter was born, she got her everything from napkins to the cradle.

-Wardha (Sajid Nadiadwala’s second wife) says Divya often appeared in her dreams. She’d see Divya on one side of Sajid while she was on the other. But after about six years of their marriage, Divya stopped appearing.

-On days when I had to wake up early Divya would appear in my dream and wake me up.

-I keep myself busy. I swim, I walk, I meditate. I see Divya in my granddaughter Alika. Divya loved Siddhi Vinayak modaks. My granddaughter also loves them. Every morning, I go to Siddhi Vinayak Temple. I take a bus to the temple though I can go in a car.

-I went into heavy depression. It was in 2003, when her son Kunal got married that he pleaded, ‘Don’t I mean anything to you? Hamare liye wapas aajao (return for our sake)’. So after many years, I wore a piece of jewellery for his wedding.

-After a few days when Omji overcame the shock, I took him to the place where Divya had fallen from and where she was cremated.

-Omji had hysterical fits. He was tied to a cot in the hospital. The dilemma then was whether she should be cremated or buried. Sajid was not in his senses and had frequent fainting spells. Then some senior persons of the industry advised that she be cremated. Divya died on April 5. She was cremated on A...

-I had been to my brother’s house and from there had gone to play cards. I didn’t know Divya had returned to Mumbai from Madras. They say maut khinch laati hai (death pulls you).

-She was not ambitious. Her aim in life was to marry and have children. She’d joke, ‘I’ll throw my kids in your lap and go to work’.