G-MAG (MAR 1993)

The Chemistry Clicked Between Us.
- Divya Bharti

Govinda is the one who introduced me to Sajid when he dropped by on the sets of Sola Aur Shabnam, two and half years ago. I don't think I can ever forget that day! Soon it became a routine for the unit to see Sajid on our sets everyday. Govinda and he being very good friends, this was unsual. slowly we became very friends until i realized that i was beginning to like him. He was so sweet, frank and open hearted, just like me. The chemistry was instantaneous. our attraction for each other was  inevitible. In fact soon everyone on the set began to tease us about each other. everytime he'd come on the sets, they'd say," here comes Divya's boyfriend". i must confess that in the begining I didn't expect to fall head over heels love with him. But i did. I still am. That is why I find it disturbing when there was something brewing between Govinda and me. Govinda is like my brother to me. He is the one to bring me to films, and the peacemaker everytime Sajid and I have a fight.