Divya Bharti (दिव्या भारती)

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Divya Bharti (Bharati) born on 25 Feb 1974, was a volatile young girl who was set to topple the top heroines in Bollywood Industry in the 90s but fate played a cruel game in taking her life away at the aged just 19, she had fallen from the window of her fifth floor at Tulsi apartment in Versova... Divya had achieved so much success in her short lifetime and had carved a niche for herself in the bollywood. She was equally popular in the south as well and had given outstanding performances in movies that became superhit. Divya made her debut in Rajiv Rai's movie, Vishwatma. Although the movie was not a major hit, her song 'saat samundar paar' stir up an attention to bring her into the limelight.With this debut, she had 14 films in hand without any release, which is still the world record for the new comers. During her time, she worked with some of the top directors and banners of her time, which brought about major blockbusters that made people appreciate her for her talent and capabilities and people still do. Divya was the heart to millions. The following year she also won the Filmfare Award for the most outstanding Popular Face of 1992.

Divya Bharti

Also,after her death she was replaced in 14 movies which also included top class banner movies such as Laadla, Vijaypath, Andolan, KUch Kuch Hota Hai & Mohra that were left incomplete due to her untimely death. All these movies became super hit. It proves would she have lived, she would have probably reached the top and become one of the most successful actress through all times.


This site, dedicated to our beautiful bubbly baby doll DIVYA BHARTI is for all her fans who always loved her and still love her today.

We have launched this portal in an attempt to collect and piece together Divya Bharti's shattered moments so that she lives as one of those Legends of Bollywood and also to commemorate one of the most beautiful and talented actress in the Bollywood Industry - DIVYA BHARTI for her most promising legends.


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Divya Bharti:
As a child
I don’t know where to begin or what to write about myself. There is so little and yet so much. I may be eighteen years of age but the amount of experience, I have belies my age. From what I’ve understood and seen, I can confidently say that nobody is perfect in the world. We all have our imitations just as we have our plus points. And we all try to come as near to our conception of the perfection. That’s human nature and that’s life. Some people make themselves out to be good Samaritans by projecting only a good side which may not necessarily be true. But in my case justthe opposite has happened without the slightest effort on my part. I’ve the worst possible of things attributed to me. Now if there is any controversy then I have to be involved. Thanks to all the rumour mongers I am the most controversial newcomer. Of course, I still think that I am a newcomer in spite of having four releases to my credit. Now I am aware that there are people who believe the worst of me. However, people who know me know the real me and that is totally different from the notorious image, I have. Try as much, I cannot stop getting hurt over all that is said and especially written about me. I am human after all and I do have the emotions that make me vulnerable.

I cannot remain immune to criticism. I know that I am misunderstood. I am supposed to be snooty. But I am not like that. I am very friendly and very very down to earth. My major weakness is that I get too friendly to everyone I start trusting them. I am gullible to all their lies and stories. I’ve been taken for a royal ride innumerable time. Yet I don’t seem to learn a lesson. In spite of all this, I’ve not become bitter or cynical and this shows the positive attitude that I’ve towards life. I cannot be a pessimist. Neither can I be a hypocrite. I am very frank and have the guts to call a spade. A spade it’s either black or white it cannot be grey for me.

Divya, her brother Kunal and a Friend
I’ve noticed that many people get unnerved with the way I speak. But my intention is definitely not to hurt the sentiments of the others. I’ve the conviction to stand by what I say. I will definitely not lie to safeguard my interests and I just cannot be diplomatic. I speak my mind without weighing the pros and cons of what I’m standing. And perhaps this is where my problem lies. However, I cannot change myself to suit other people’s attitudes. I’ve always been a vivacious girl, somebody who has been full of life. I cannot sit quietly in a corner brooding or sulking. C’mon you live once so make the most of it. I agree I am childish and my immature at times but then that’s the way I am. I have no split personalities like the most people here. I have been like this right from the time I can remember. Even as a kid I was always up to mischief. The best part was that I would play these pranks and never get caught. I still remember once in school I was eating during class hours, I was pulled up by my teacher for this. I told her that I was hungry hence I was eating. She got angry and since I was sitting on the last bench, she made me get up from there and made me sit on the first bench right under her nose. I was very upset. So, when she passed by me during the course of her lecture I jerked my fountain pen. Phew! And all the ink from the pen flew on to her saree. However, she didn’t realize that, not satisfied with that, I had a pair of scissors with me which I had carried for. So I took it out and very quietly snipped off the border of her Pallau next. Even then she didn’t know what had happened. It was only the next day I heard her complaining to one of my classmates about what had happened. Happy with my deed I just smiled very evilly to myself.

Believe me, when I say that I can do anything for the people I love and care for nobody who is close to me can ever say that I’ve fallen short of their expectations. I can give my life for them. But I hate being taken for granted I hate people trampling over my emotions. That’s the reason why I have very few friends. In fact just three of them and of course I’ve my family. My parents, my brother Kunal and I are very close to each other. My dad has always given me the best and he always stood by me. That’s why I am upset when people say nasty things about my parents. There is no truth in what they have to say. For I’m not the bread winner for my family, I have been brought up in luxury and I don’t have a pushy mother either. On the contrary my mother never accompanies me to my shootings. Even if she does come it is only sometime bas. Yeah she does come with me for my outdoor schedules. She is the most non-interfering person. But people are used to talking filth anyway. I just wish everyone would leave my family alone.

Divya Bharti as a Teenager
Frankly, I had never bargained for all this mud-slinging when I decided to enter the industry. My dad was totally against my decision to become an actress. Since I was adamant he gave in with a lot of reservations and only because he wanted me to be happy. I gave up my studies to join this profession. Not that I regret my decision for I hated studies anyway. Then of course I got ‘Radha Ka Sangam’ and I was ecstatic. But I was replaced later. All I can say now is that it was not Kirtiji’s fault nor was it mines. It was just that we were not destined to work together. In a way whatever happened, happened for the best. Looking for the positive side, if I had to wait for ‘Radha Ka Sangam’ to be my first release then I would still be waiting for its release whether I was lucky or unlucky in not doing the film, the fate of the film will decide. How can I say anything now? After the RKS episode I was determined to prove myself. I worked down South before Rajiv Rai signed me for ‘Vishwatma’. I am indebted to Rajiv Rai for giving me the right break. Today whatever I am, I owe it to him.

Divya bharti And Sajid in a Function
It was a fantastic experience to get introduced by a prestigious banner. Before the release of the film I felt like I was on a bed of nails. I had an upset stomach for three days; nothing seemed to register with me. Though the film failed at the box-office, I was appreciated. And that was enough for I knew that I was not a write off. It was ‘Shola Aur Shabnam’ that consolidated my position at the box-office. Unfortunately I could not do Pahlajjis next ‘Aanken’. Not that I didn’t want to, I wanted to. But I was hard pressed for dates. I couldn’t give him the required number of days. I couldn’t cancel the dates of another producer to accommodate Pahlaji. It is unethical and no matter for who I cannot do that. In spite of four releases including a major hit, I am not considered one in the top slot. According to my so called well-wishers they feel that it is because I’ve signed the wrong films and that I’m doing films with only the small heroes. Tell me are Aamir and Salman the only two heroes in the top bracket? For besides these two I’m working with everybody else. Sunny, Sunju, Jackie etc. This thing about a big film with a top banner and a small film is nothing but humbug. For ultimately, it is the fate of the film at the box office that is important, a big banner film can flop miserably and spoil your career while a small film can be a hit. I have come here to work and I treat every producer director and hero equally. No preferential treatment to anyone.

Divya During the Shoot of Rang
I get amazed when people call me unprofessional. What’s so unprofessional about me? I reach the sets on time. I’ve no nakhras on the sets, I don’t require innumerable retakes to give a shot right. I am fairly competent actress and dancer. I do what I am told to do. I’ve the necessary enthusiasm. So why am I being labelled and branded? I fail to understand. What can I do to change this image and prove these rumours wrong. I usually keep quiet, and do not retaliate. But when people push me against a wall I retaliate. Like, there was this supposed interview by me in a crappy magazine where certain quotes against Karishma Kapoor were just made up on my behalf. I was indignant when I read it. I had never said that nor had I any reason to hit out against Karishma. If I had a problem I would’ve confronted her headlong.

In fact I like Karishma she’s a very sweet girl and she’s been nice to me whenever we met. Thankfully Karishma is a mature girl and ignored that concocted interview. Now there’s again this hoo-haa about me replacing Karishma in ‘Rang’. What’s so great? I believe Karishma had a problem with the producer over some dresses, so she’s not doing it. When they came to me, I heard the script and loved it, so I agreed to do it. Why point fingers at me? When Juhi replaced me in ‘Radha ka Sangam’ and ‘Lootere’ nobody pointed a finger. Why even Karishma has replaced me in one Mukesh Dugal’s films These things happen in this profession. There are no hard feelings between us. Though of course I don’t forgive people who harm me intentionally, I don’t want to brag but people who hurt me have got paid in the same coin sooner or later, without my doing anything. Everybody has to pay for their deeds in this life time. Take for example Prithvi, all through the making of ‘Dil Ka kya Kasoor’ he kept hitting out at me. But what happened after the release of the film, he is nowhere. But now I have decided that I will not take things lying down I am going to give back.

Divya During Recording with Bappi Lahari
After all I am quite fed up of all this trash that certain magazines kept writing about me. I am supposed to be some kind of a man eater according to them. I just have to look at a man and the next thing I know is that I am linked to him. First it was Govinda I have gone blue in the face denying the rumours. Govinda is somebody I get along well with. We share nothing more than a professional relationship. Of course, I have never been able to fathom the reason as to why he had never denied these rumours. For me he is nothing more than a co-artiste and friend. Then a guy called Hemal Thakkar sprung up from somewhere. I don’t deny knowing the guy. He was a real pile on, he kept chasing me all over. He would stand below my balcony till the wee hours of the morning. He kept sending me flowers, once he even sent me a ring which I promptly sent back. I was not interested in him. I do remember seeing him at the ‘Vishwatma’ premier but he was definitely not my guest. If Hemal thinks money can buy everything then I wish he would buy his mother some happiness. She needs it. After this there were rumours of me and Jackie, me and Mohan Babu. I wish instead of sitting in air conditioned cabins some of these journalists would go out and check their facts before writing. But I guess they are too busy filing their nails.

How could I have gone to meet Jackie in a black car when I don’t posses such a car. I had met his son Tiger once or twice and his wife Ayesha practically a year ago. There’s hardly any interaction between Jackie and me and Mohan Babu running after me with an acid bottle? Really, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at all this. In fact in another fifteen days time I will be going down South to shoot another film with him. Mohan Babu is one man who always calls me up to congratulate me on the success of my films. Even this supposed romance with Armaan Kohli is absurd. If I was even half as notorious as people made me out to be, then would such a caring man like Sajid still be with me?
Divya was Always Compared with Sridevi

We have been going around for nearly one and a half year now. And things have been just terrific between us. The advantage is that Sajid is very mature and a very experienced man. He has been through a lot in life. Whenever I behave childishly or sulk then Sajid explains things to me. He tells me what is right and what is wrong? I trust his judgement he is never wrong. Honestly, Sajid has been very patient with me. Like I cannot be domesticated, I cannot cook to the extent that I can’t make a cup of tea. It was Sajid who taught me how to make tea. Even his sister has been a big help. For one whole week she cooked one particular vegetable so that it would be easier for me to learn how to cook it. The sad part was on the eighth day I had forgotten everything. Once I cooked dal and Sajid practically spat it out. Not only was it without salt but it was bitter too. I guess I am a bad student. Right now I am going through one of the best phases of my life. Professionally I am doing well. Personally I have Sajid and both our respective families have accepted each other. I don’t want to plan out my future, I live day to day. I have become ambitious now. I want to reach the top. I want to be known as an actress of repute. I hope after reading all this you guys will have a better opinion about me. And I thank ‘Stardust’ for giving me the opportunity to dust away all the cobwebs, and put things in the right perspective…

Facts About Divya Bharti

Name: Divya Bharti  (Hindi: दिव्या भारती ) Also sometimes known as Divya Bharati
Date of Birth: February 25, 1974,
Height: 5' 4"
Divya Bharti With Her Dog "Posti"
Weight: 52Kg
Relations: Meeta (Mother), Om Prakash,(Father)
Kunal (Brother) & Step brother plus sister
Husband: Sajid Nadiadwala - Film Producer
Star Sign: Pisces
FilmFare Award: Fresh New Face of 92
Pets: Dog called Posti

Sajid stated the following facts about Divya:

'Stardom had not gone to her head'
'was not a material girl'
'Romanticised death'
'Was very childish'
'Loved children'

Likes/Dislikes and Interests of Divya Bharti

Movie magazine (March 1992, p.85)

-I am Divya Bharti (Bharati) : The light of India.
-I was born on: 25th February, 1974.
-I am pucca Piscean: But there's nothing fishy about me.
-My height is: Tall enough.
-My weight is: Light enough.
-What turn me on: Mmm music.
-What turn me off: Hypocrites.
-My nightmare: The Press.
-My favorite Holiday spot: Karjat (India) and Interlaken (Switzerland).
-The Best gift I've received: Loads of love from everybody.
-My relationship with God: Father and Daughter.
-I'd love to dine with: Fido-Dido.
-Before going to Bed: I thank my stars for having such a super life.
-The person i'd love to know in history: Hitler.
-I smell nice: After a good Scrub.
-My craziest fans: My mom, dad and brother.
-What never leaves me: Bad publicity.
-My favorite film: Herbie Goes Bananas.
-My drawback: My temper and my outspokenness.
-My favorite accessory: A dainty earring, a chain and a very cute ring. Dont ask me who gave it to me.
-On a desert island i would: Go off to sleep till i get rescued.
-My favorite perfume: Boucheron, Listen and Treson.
-My favorite outfit: long flared skirts and T-shirts.
-The best thing in my cupboard: My collection of perfume.
-Diamond aren't a girl's best friend: My fave pal is my cho-chweet Pomeranian.
-My comical make up man and hairdresser: Sandhya & Chandu are funnier than any Laurel or Hardy.
-My hobby: Reading and dancing.
-Movie called me the hope of 1992: I'm just keeping my fingers crossed and hope I can live upto it.
-Something about myself: I'm misunderstood a lot by one and all but still I'm cute.

More About Divya Bharti

-Fair complexioned with light brown hair and hazel eyes.
Lux Face of the Year / Filmfare Award for Best Female Debut
-Younger brother name: Kunal.
-Father is a manager at the New India Insurance company.
-Completed her schooling at meneckji Cooper High School.
-Is fondly called Soni by dear and near ones.
-Basically an introvert by nature, it takes time for her to get friendly to people.
-Is a firm believer in God.
-Is very superstitious and believes in ghosts.
-Does n't believes in black magic.
-Like to sleep at 10pm and wake up at 6.00am.
-Often dreams of jumping off from a height.
-Does n't fuss over food, eat whatever is served to her.
-Does n't have an affinity for ornaments.
-Her mother in her idol.
-Hates parties and tries to avoid them.
-Prefers short conversation over the phone.
-Like to laze and spend her free time sleeping.
-Loves to holidays at Ooty and Kodaikanal, in India and Holland, abroad.
-Squash and badminton are her favorite sports.
-Favorite attire is the Salwar Kameez.
-Hates reading comics.
-Favorite writes are Sidney Sheldon and Danielle Steele.
-Zoya is her most favorite book.
-Doesn't like to wear make up when hot shooting.
-Loves the seasons of spring and autumn.
-Prefers male friends.
-Likes Indian as well as western music, but ghazals and old Hindi film hits are her favorite.
-Amongst Hollywood stars, Julie Robert, Patrick Smith, Richard Gere and Jennifer Gray are her idols.

Divya Bharti Signature